Types of Braces

These are the most common type of brace and also sometimes known as “train tracks”. They are usually made from metal. A fixed brace is made up of small blocks of metal(bracket) which are stuck onto the front surface of each tooth. These brackets are then connected together with a thin metal wire. Depending on the type of brace this can be done with coloured elastics or metal clips.
These are the same as the metal fixed braces but are either tooth coloured or clear so that they blend into the natural colour of your teeth making them less noticeable. This type of appliance offers a very aesthetic option for adults or older teenage patients.
Invisible braces(lingual braces) are custom made and attached to the back(tongue side) of the teeth. As a result they are invisible to others. Lingual braces provide a cosmetic alternative option for the adult patient who wants treatment but does not wish for the appliance to be seen.
This treatment consists of a series of clear removable braces(aligners) which look like a mouth guard but are very thin, making them difficult to see. The aligners are changed every few weeks gradually moving  the teeth into their corrected positions. Invisalign is not suitable for severe problems so some patients will be more suited to this treatment than others.
These braces are usually made up of an acrylic plate with wire clips and are custom made to fit around the patients’ teeth. This appliance is quite often used in combination with fixed braces to achieve the best result.
These are a type of removable brace. They are usually used in patients with prominent teeth. They come in 2 parts, one is worn on the bottom teeth and one on the top teeth. They encourage the  bottom jaw to sit in a new position. They can be bulky and difficult to wear initially, but they are very useful and reduce prominent teeth quickly in growing patients.
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